Antény CCT DataPath

CCT90, CCT120, CCT200, QCT90

CCT120 Suitcase na teleportu INTV Praha

Špičkové profesionální antény CCT90, CCT120, CCT200 a QCT90 z produkce firmy DataPath v nabídce INTV. Určeno především pro vládní účely a média. INTV je certifikovaným partnerem švédské společnosti DataPath

Parametry antén CCT

Satelitní pásmoX-bandKu-bandKa-band
Kmitočtový rozsah RX7,25 – 7,75 GHz10,70 – 12,75 GHz20,20 – 21,20 GHz
Kmitočtový rozsah TX7,90 – 8,40 GHz13,75 – 14,50 GHz30,00 – 31,00 GHz
CCT200G/T při elevaci 20°20,7 dB/K23,6 dB/K26,2 dB/K
EIRP min. na středním kmitočtu58,1 dBW61,9 dBW61,8 dBW
CCT120G/T při elevaci 20°15,7 dB/K19,0 dB/K21,0 dB/K
EIRP min. na středním kmitočtu54,2 dBW57,7 dBW59,0 dBW
CCT90G/T při elevaci 20°15,7 dB/K15,8 dB/K16,6 dB/K
EIRP min. na středním kmitočtu54,2 dBW54,7 dBW55,9 dBW
CCT90 a CCT120 Suitcase
CCT180 Fly-Away








QCT90 – přenosná anténa pro pásmo Ka s ručním zaměřením pomocí kompasu a duální GPS


CommuniCase ®  Technology CCT90 CCT120 CCT200

When you need quick connectivity in a remote location, DataPath’s line of SWE-DISH ®  CCT terminals is your solution. For more than two decades news crews, first responders, industrial sites, and military units all over the world have been relying on DataPath for fast, durable portable satellite terminals. The DataPath CCT line of terminals is designed to be rugged, easy to transport, and quickly deployable.  These compact terminals come in three sizes, and feature interchangeable components that give you a wide range of capabilities while minimizing your equipment purchase.


The  quick-deploy  systems  offer  automated  satellite acquisition  with  motorized  antenna  pointing  and optimization driven by user-entered or pre-programmed satellites, satellite channels, and transmission channels. With no tools required, easy one-person operation, the CCT system will be ready for transmission in minutes.


Interchangeable modules allow you to customize for mission, portability, speed and budget. Maximize  your investment and adapt to future needs by changing key characteristics of your CCT system for different frequency bands, power levels and modem types. With plug-and-play usability, the built in monitor and control software will automatically recognize the newly connected module and reconfigure the necessary settings without user intervention.


All of our portable satellite terminals are constructed of rugged materials to withstand any condition and are tightly sealed to keep out sand, dust and water. They are rigorously tested to surpass the toughest environments and standards.


  • Slide-in modem cassette for ease of use
  • From case to connected in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Compliant to military standards (MIL-STD-810F)
  • All CCT products have a common user interface