INTV satellite services

INTV is the leading provider of real broadband Internet connectivity over satellite in the Czech Republic.

In our portfolio, there are products and services of two big European “Internet over satellite” providers – “Tooway” of the French-Italian consortium of companies Eutelsat/Skylogic, and “Avanti” of the British company Avantibroadband communications. Both mentioned groups of services are designed for both residential and business customers. Within the Tooway portfolio, there is the service called NewsSpotter, which is primarily intended for video-streaming via Internet.

For larger B2B projects we offer services called IP Connect, M-Beat, Aggregated Volume Model, based on KA-SAT and Tooway services.

The IP Connect service is for Customers requiring a dedicated beam bandwidth for their End-Users. IP Connect gives Customers the ability to reserve specific portions of satellite bandwidth (pipe) within a specific beam.

M-BEAT provides to Distributor bandwidth (best effort, not dedicated) over selected beams and all customer terminals contribute to the maximum reachable peak rate (≡ aggregated throughput, FWD + RTN) defined by the Distributor

Aggregated  Volume  Model:  volume commitment  on  the  monthly  aggregate volume consumption.  With  AVM  the  Customer  is  charged  every month  for  the  agreed  volume  commitment consumed by all the accounts associated  to this  model;  only  the  further  exceeding consumed  volume  will  be  charged at a different rate.


For Business and Governmental needs we offer and operate services based on VSAT technologies.

Point-to-Point links, networks of STAR or MESH topologies based on SCPC architecture

are suitable especially for delay-sensitive applications, such as VoIP and video, as well as for private networks with high security of transferred data. A network solution can be supplemented by dynamic control of the transmission data rate – dSCPC (= dynamic SCPC), which provides guaranteed transmission parameters while maintaining high quality of jitter and latency parameters. Such solution is suitable for instance for backup connectivity or backhauling.

On the SCPC basis, we offer also IP Multicast data transfer, which is suitable for areal distribution of audio/video content, as well as for warning systems, stock market information, press releases, etc.

For the need of global and mobile communication

we offer satellite terminals BGAN with data rates up to 492 kbit/s, low-speed terminals type M2M for SCADA applications and tracking, as well as satellite telephones over satellite systems – Inmarsat, Iridium a Globalstar.